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We have many years of experience distributing and delivering the printed materials of our clients to multiple locations around the world, especially in the Asia Pacific region. As a result, we have built up an extensive international network of local and global logistics partners.

Our expertise in the Asia Pacific distribution network ranges from small item mail and parcel services to bulk shipment and express courier networks. Customer’s requirements are taken into careful consideration to plan the most efficient distribution network, ensuring that the distribution is done at the lowest possible cost within the required timeframe.

By leveraging on our distribution network, our clients are able to distribute printed materials in the fastest and most cost efficient manner. Immediately after production, your orders can be shipped directly from our factories to any location in the world. By leaving the distribution to us, you will eliminate the need for storage and the hassle of coordinating shipments yourself, thus resulting in tremendous time and cost savings.

Beyond hard copy print and distribution, we are also able to plan, build and manage online platforms for our clients’ e-distribution needs on mobile phones, tablet PC’s, websites or emails.

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